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Duck Smart E-Foam Bike Cleaner 500ml


Duck smart's most complex formulation yet! e-foam is fully loaded with detergents, foaming agents, softness and micro silicon emulsions! This creates a light airy foam with just the right amount of moisture content, this creates foam pockets locking into all dirt, grease and grime.


With the micro silicon emulsions it not only gives you protection but also brings your pride and joy back to new again.


Directions of Use: ​Apply E-foam over the filthiest areas to soften that stubborn dirt and grime - it goes a long way, so it can be applied in small foam spots along frames and around wheels. Agitate stubborn spots with a soft brush, then leave for 1-2 minutes. Using a damp cloth only - NOT WET, ​wipe your revvi bike over, rinsing out the cloth every so often, until the whole bike has been wiped clean. Finally, polish over cleaned areas with a soft, dry microfibre cloth. 

Duck Smart E-Foam Bike Cleaner


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